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Crown Law Office Te Tari Ture o te Karauna

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The Crown Law Office provides legal advice and representation services to the government in matters affecting the executive government, particularly in the areas of criminal, public and administrative law. The services provided include matters covering judicial review of government actions, constitutional questions including Treaty of Waitangi issues, the enforcement of criminal law, and protection of the revenue. The Office administers the prosecution process in the criminal justice system, in particular, Crown prosecutions.

The Office has two primary purposes in providing these services:

  • to ensure that the operations and responsibilities of the executive government are conducted lawfully, and
  • to ensure that the government is not prevented, through legal process, from lawfully implementing its chosen policies and discharging its governmental responsibilities.

This website contains information about the Crown Law Office, its functions, history, organisation and services.

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Legal Advisors to the New Zealand Government since 1875