Crown Solicitor Network

In addition to the expertise provided by its client service teams, the Crown Law Office also has access to a network of Crown Solicitors all around New Zealand. The administrative arrangements for the Crown Solicitor network are set out in the Crown Solicitor: Terms of Office document.

Crown Solicitors are private legal practitioners appointed on the recommendation of the Attorney-General and by warrant of the Governor-General. The Crown Solicitors are appointed for a particular district, usually in a High Court centre, and are responsible for the conduct of Crown prosecutions (previously known as indictable) in the High Court and District Court on behalf of the Crown. The Solicitor-General has overall responsibility for the supervision of Crown Solicitors, with assistance from the Deputy Solicitor-General (Criminal law) in relation to prosecutions.

The Crown Solicitor network currently consists of 17 Crown Solicitor warrants which are held by partners in private law firms throughout New Zealand. By having access to a national network of Crown Solicitors, the Crown Law Office can draw on regional expertise in all High Court districts throughout New Zealand.