Working Environment

The Crown Law Office is an equal opportunity employer with a particular interest in developing a stimulating working environment in which all staff can participate equitably and develop to their full potential. Achieving a balance between work and life demands is considered a priority in this context.

The Crown Law Office values the different experiences and identities its staff bring to work. Consistent with that, Crown Law staff endeavour to refer to each other by the correct pronoun (for example, she, he or they) in conversation and written work. People in our workplace put pronouns in their email signatures to let others know what pronoun to use. For example, Taylor might put “she/her” in her email signature so people know that when they are talking about Taylor, they refer to her using those pronouns. This reduces confusion for everyone and in particular supports our transgender and gender diverse colleagues by ensuring they are gendered correctly.

There is a strong emphasis at Crown Law on developing staff through the provision of in-house programmes covering such areas as the practice and development of the law, information resources, technology and business practices. Participation and attendance at external seminars and conferences is actively encouraged and support is given to career development for both legal and support staff.


Gender Pay Gap

Another area that Crown Law is showing its commitment to inclusiveness is via our Gender Pay Action Plan which is designed to help us eliminate our Gender Pay Gap.  For more information on the work we're undertaking in this area please download the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2020/2021.