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Solicitor-General to investigate Crown's role in miscarriage of justice

Media statement published 20 December 2022

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Media statement published 13 July 2022

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Solicitor-General's Inquiry Terms of Reference - Download PDF version (193kb)


Media statement published 9 June 2022

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Charges laid against two Megaupload defendants

Media statement published 10 May 2022

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Warnings supplement to the Solicitor-General's Prosecution Guidelines published

Media statement published 23 December 2021

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Crown Law responds to report of Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care

Media statement published 15 December 2021

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Targeted supplements updating the Solicitor-General's Prosecution Guidelines

Media statement published 3 August 2021

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Solicitor-General Una Jagose KC wins Public Policy category at the
Women of Influence 2020 Awards

Media statement published 17 November 2020

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Appointment of Crown Solicitor to the Hamilton Warrant

Media statement from the Solicitor-General regarding the appointment of the Crown Solicitor to the Hamilton Warrant. Published Oct 23, 2019

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Rouxle Le Roux - consideration of appeal against sentence

Media Statement. Published: Dec 20, 2018

The Deputy Solicitor-General (Criminal) has reviewed this matter, as well as two other counsel within Crown Law. The matter has been treated with urgency, in order to give the victim's family an answer before the Christmas break.

We consider the sentence imposed on Ms Le Roux was appropriate in all of the circumstances of the case, and there is therefore no basis for an appeal. The Police advised the victim's family of the decision this morning.

Lundy v R (Privy Council Appeal No 0094 of 2012)

Media statement. Published: Oct 8, 2013

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Request for a Second Coronial Inquiry : Corporal Douglas Hughes

Media statement from the Deputy Solicitor-General concerning the request for a second Coronial Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Corporal Douglas Hughes of the New Zealand Defence Force. Published: Oct 1, 2013

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Criminal Procedure Act 2011: restrictions on publication under the sentence indications scheme

Media statement from the Deputy Solicitor-General. Published: Nov 26, 2012

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R v Murnane, Leason and Land: (Damage to Waihopai Satellite Dish Cover)

Press release issued by the Solicitor-General. Published: Apr 7, 2010

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